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About Fiorentina

Centuries before early explorers reached our shores, artisans throughout Europe, and particularly in Italy, were designing and handcrafting goods in leather, wood, metal and stone. The modern world has been fascinated by Europe’s creativity as well as their designs. We, at Fiorentina, have always appreciated and been inspired by these artisans’ workmanship - their ingenuity, their style, and their creative passions. Our mission is to bring this artistic and handcraft heritage to the U.S.  Fiorentina is proud to present the finest gift and stationery collections that Italy and Europe have to offer – for every lifestyle. 

Fiorentina LLC’s corporate offices are located in New York, and operates a fully staffed office located in Florence, Italy. We are a full service importer, wholesaler and distributor of fine Italian and European leather and non-leather products. We are partnered with one of the biggest manufacturing facilities in northern Italy, who has supplied the stationery and gift industries for the past 40 years. Fiorentina maintains further partnerships with small artisan shops throughout Europe. We have collaborated with some of the most talented designers and craftspeople to create some of the finest quality traditional and contemporary gift and stationery products available in the industry.

Our offices in both New York and Florence provide buyers with a complete service which includes research, sourcing, product development, private labeling and custom made products. Fiorentina is geared to working with client design specifications.

Our Exclusive collections include CIAK, IN TEMPO, STONE.IT, and OCTAEVO of Barcelona.