Ciak CLASSIC Journal

8175-PI - Ciak CLASSIC Journal
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Ciak CLASSIC Journal

Proud of its origins, InTempo's creation of the Ciak Journal stays true to its history by insisting on 100% Italian production. The Made in Italy mark on the back of every Ciak is not merely a mark of prestige, but a world renowned stamp of quality excellence. 

Thanks to its practical, versatile, and soft design, the Ciak notebook fits perfectly into everyone’s lives and pockets. Simple but never dull, and with its minimalist yet unmistakable design, the Ciak notebook is named for the sound made by the horizontal elastic used to open and close its cover. Its simplicity of form is enriched by powerful colours to fit one's mood, lifestyle and thoughts.  

Ciak...the original....the Classic.

Product Code:8175-PI

Size : 5 in. x 7 in.

Color :Pink



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