About Us

Know Fiorentina a little more!

Fiorentina LLC began in May 2001, with a vision of importing the finest quality Italian Stationery and Gift product to the retail market throughout North America.  Headquartered in New York and operating a fully-staffed office in Florence, Italy, Fiorentina soon became a recognized force throughout the retail, corporate, and promotional industries, working predominantly with Italian leather and paper.  As our sourcing team brought us to other European nations, Fiorentina expanded its reach to include the importing of high-quality product from Spain and Germany. Along with this expansion, came the evolution of Fiorentina’s product collections – delving into the Home and Decorative Gift sectors. 

In our ever-changing marketplace, Fiorentina has maintained its excellent reputation for high quality and customer satisfaction across the wide spectrum of products we now import from Europe. We strive to bring our customers ingenuity and style with all of our collections.  In this constantly demanding and changing marketplace, Fiorentina continues to work with designers, promotional firms, as well as shop owners to ensure that any and all of our products fit the needs and desires of our customers.

Our Mission

Our team at Fiorentina has always appreciated and admired the workmanship of European artisans. Beginning with Italian leather shops, we were mesmerized by the creativity, beauty and ingenuity of these artisans, as they created works of sheer brilliance with unmatched quality. This is our mission; to bring this handcraft, artistic heritage to North America.  As our focus evolved into Spain and Germany, we found an equal level of incredible design, style and quality. 

Fiorentina is a complete service importer, wholesaler and distributor of the best that Europe has to offer in the gift, home, office, design and stationery industries.  We constantly strive for excellence at all levels of our company and our goal is to provide excellence on every level to our customers.