Block Style Genuine Leather Journal

BG2002 - Block Style Genuine Leather Journal

Block Style Genuine Leather Journal

The Three Graces by Sandro Botticelli, is one of the most popular classic images found throughout Florence and Tuscany. According to poetic and literary tradition, the Graces were three in number, and their names were Euphrosyne, Thalia, and Aglaia. Eternally young and lovely, they represented charm, beauty, and human creativity, and were depicted naked, originally holding attributes such as apples, roses, and sprigs of myrlte. The painting is found in the Louvre in Paris. This huge 7"x9-1/2" block-style journal in genuine leather was handcrafted in a one color Medieval style with a 'taglio vivo' or rustic edging. Artwork is debossed by hand by artisans.  Handmade in Florence, Italy

Product Code:BG2002

Size : 7 in. x 9(1/2) in.

Color :Dark Vacchetta



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