Dots By Myriam Beltz

55492 - Dots By Myriam Beltz
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Dots By Myriam Beltz

For years, Myriam Beltz would write her thoughts down in a notebook. At a certain point, rather than the words themselves, only curved lines were left on the page. Ever since that day, the artist has been composing her "Daily Drawings" – one drawing for every day.

For the covers of her nuuna art edition, the artist has chosen the themes of "Lines", "Dots" and "Friends" – which is, according to Beltz, everything she needs to be happy. The beautiful designs are created in fine black screen-print on vegan Jeans Label Material. Playful, yet elegant at the same time!

Product Code:55492

Size : 8(1/2) in. x 6(1/2) in.



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