Words by Heyday

55621 - Words by Heyday
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Words by Heyday

We find energy and inspiration from outstanding artists, designers and creative friends who captivate us with their concepts and creativity.  We're excited to present Heyday for nuuna. Heyday adds colour, perspective and a new dimension to our collection, and with each notebook comes a new interpretation to spark our imagination.  Each artist sees our notebooks with new eyes and uses our resources in a different way.  They allow their design to flow freely into the nuuna collection and turn our notebooks into portable works of art. 

The designers of the Bern-based agency, Heyday, are big notebook lovers. For their collaboration with nuuna, they were asked about both the meaning and potential of using the analogue method of storing ideas. Their answer was hope. Hope in the power of words, in ideas, and in dreams.

The finely curated cover artwork of the edition was screen-printed on soft recycled leather - all in black and white. And inside: plenty of space for the colourful world of thoughts.

Product Code:55621

Size : 8(1/2) in. x 6(1/2) in.



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